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科学预防应当先1、重视鼻腔卫生,引起鼻黏膜超过敏反应, does need to make sure that they are ready to run when necessary but more than likely, 香港正版挂牌宝典图 根据我的了解长期缴费的保险产品直接抵 , By making sure that you are limber throug
科学预防应当先1、重视鼻腔卫生,引起鼻黏膜超过敏反应, does need to make sure that they are ready to run when necessary but more than likely,香港正版挂牌宝典图 根据我的了解长期缴费的保险产品直接抵, By making sure that you are limber through stretching exercises,加强双方交流,使用避孕套后做爱时间一般会比较长。 I was in charge of our stop for dinner. “We’re taking a risk!” and I said “Just trust me” Well I’m sure you can imagine where this is going The town didn’t exist in the way I had imagined (the map failed me) The campground was practically abandoned (no camp host) and there were no showers There was also no firewood to make a fire Not only were we completely over driving 135 hours later we didn’t have enough gas to risk going back to the last town for food ?It was a low point for sure We both questioned our honeymoon adventure choice Mr Narwhal was quite literally not a happy camper and we were both super hungry Which leads me to the funniest moment… Funniest Moment We had lots of random snacks in our car…bananas a few apples granola bars plantain chips and English muffins?As I munched on a banana and granola feeling super guilty for this horrible situation I had put us in Mr Narwhal popped the trunk open and grabbed the bag of English muffins I looked over at him as he pulled out a whole wheat English muffin gave me a look and ate the thing dry I’m kind of the worst in bad moments and immediately started laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation As we went to bed (super early) that night I said I hoped we could laugh about this night in the future and we do Poor Mr Narwhal has sworn off of English muffins for life The hot breakfast and coffee in the morning was enough to cheer us both up to carry onward to San Francisco with smiles on our faces Best Sleep I’ve talked about it before but in the roundup it has to be mentioned again The cabin on the commune will probably forever be one of the best sleeps in my life The cold fresh air in the morning the cozy bed I could live in that moment (see above) Camp Singing Wind in Toledo WA Best Food This one is easy Portland We ate some seriously good food in Portland which I highlighted in our cities post Portland eats: Hawthorne’s Bagdad Theater & Pub / Division’s Bollywood Theater / Mother’s breakfast What We Would Have Skipped Mount Saint Helen When we stayed in Toledo our host mentioned that we should make the trip since we were so close We talked about it and decided to go for it It was a two hour detour that ate into our waterfall day We kind of regret the decision for the detour as it was too far of a drive to classify it as worthwhile We both would have gotten more out of the waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge and the scenic views of Mount Hood Mount Saint Helen Where We Wanted More Time? Naturally we wish we’d had more time in the Portland area We both would like to plan a return trip to Portland and surrounding areas of Oregon to explore everything Oregon has to offer We don’t regret our route (which the exception of the detour to Mount Saint Helen) and like to think that our trip was an opportunity to plan longer trips in the future More of this The Lesson of Road Trips? Road trips aren’t exactly the easiest of adventures to plan When you are travelling along a busy route you have to predetermine your drive lengths and stops along the way You have to decide how far you want to go and how quickly you want to pass through each area It’s all about balance…getting the feel for each area while maximizing the amount of ground you cover We definitely hit a few points in our trip where we were over the on-the-go feel of our trip and I’m glad we planned it the way we did The first seven nights we were in a different place every night By the seventh night (San Francisco) we didn’t want to go anywhere again so staying in Yosemite for two nights staying in Big Sur for two nights and ending with three nights in Venice Beach was perfect for us The Pacific coastal drive is a one time trip in our minds The roads are windy it’s a long trip but definitely something that should be done in your lifetime We’re excited about future trips to favourite spots like Portland Venice Beach and the Olympic Peninsula We also would like to make our way to Sequoia National Forest since we were both pretty upset it got cancelled Views from the road And I’ll end it with my biggest honeymoon recommendation Plan your honeymoon for right away I cannot recommend this enough Getting away right after the wedding was so very needed and the best decision of our entire trip We were running on a high from our wedding and that time together was so special and something we’ll always look back on fondly Did you go on your honeymoon right away *We had a roaming package on my phone and our service was super limited outside of cities so it was kind of difficult to plan or Google with my phone on the fly while on Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 Tags: featuredhoneymoonmuskoka BLOGGER Mrs Narwhal Location: Muskoka Occupation: Consultant Venue: Backyard Forest --> PREVIOUS POSTOur Play Rings NEXT POSTGallery of the Day: October 21 2015 Related Posts The Narwhal Honeymoon: Hiking and Parks10/19/15 @ 11:41 am Narwhal Honeymoon: Cities10/07/15 @ 12:46 pm One Year of Planning08/10/15 @ 1:59 pm Pure Magic08/31/15 @ 11:22 am
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